Appliance Brands

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Appliances and the brands that make them, are always changing. New companies enter the market every year and older companies leave it. Because of this, we study up on all the new and old appliance brands that we can. We keep an encyclopedia of knowledge at our finger tips so that, no matter who makes your washer, fridge or stove, we know how it’s made and how we can fix it. With years of experience behind us, we’ve seen every problem from nearly every brand, and we are absolutely confident that we can take care of your appliance.

Washer/Dryer Brands

There are numerous brands of washer and dryers. Because these appliances have been around for years now and because of their increasing popularity, brands come on to the market every single day. We do our best to stay abreast of any new brands and also, the new models within those brands. We service brands such as Whirlpool, a company that had been in service for over 100 years now, Kenmore, Maytag and, the original washer and dryer brand, GE. In addition to these, we also service all lesser known brands on the market.

Oven/Stove Brands

Ovens and stoves come in a plethora of brands as well. Depending on if you want wall mounted, double or free standing, there are hundreds of brands within these categories, and we service all of them. We tackle brands like Bosch, a mass market brand and, on the other end of the spectrum, Jenn-Air, a top of the line, high end appliance maker. We also service all the other brands in the middle like, Viking and LG. No matter what your oven or stove brand is, we assure you that we can repair it.

Refrigerator Brands

The refrigerator is the heart of the kitchen and there are a lot of brands that produce this heart. There are so many different types of fridges now that using a company, like us, with an extensive knowledge of all of them, is important. There are now smart fridges, by companies like Samsung. There are classic freezer on top, fridge on bottom brands like Maytag. And then there are all the crazy combinations in the middle, with model like, side by side and freezer on bottom, made by brands like Frigidaire and LG. No matter what your fridge is, we can repair it today.

Dishwasher Brands

Dishwashers are an interesting thing, because there are a ton of brands of dishwashers; some that, most people, have probably never even heard of before. There are the classic brands that everyone knows, like: Whirlpool and Maytag and Samsung. But, in addition to these, there are brands, some foreign or high end, that many homeowners might never hear of. These brands include Amana Beko and Dacor. As we said, we know every brand there is and, if we meet a brand we somehow don’t know, we promise we will do our research to get you fixed up correctly!