Dishwasher Repair

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The dishwasher is quickly becoming as much of a staple in a home as any other kitchen appliance. These appliances save us an amazing amount of time and can help keep your water bill down due their water usage efficiency. Because of these reasons, if your dishwasher begins to fail or have complications it can, not only be irritating, it can be costly as well. But now, thanks to us, your dishwasher malfunctioning never needs to be something you worry about again. We have the skills and knowledge to fix any dishwasher brand and get you up and running in no time.


Dishwashers, while not prone to problems, can experience several that impact their efficiency and usability. One of the main problems that can impact a dishwasher owner is that of overflowing. There are sensors inside your dishwasher that are meant to read water levels and make sure that the amount of water being used isn’t too much for the dishwasher to handle. However, when these begin to fail, your dishwasher can’t figure out how much water it’s using and that can cause issues. Let us come and replace those sensors for you!


It may not be from the dishwasher overflowing, but it’s still possible that your dishwasher can spring a leak. Typically this results from your dishwasher door seal not stealing completely, allowing for water and solution that is typically trapped inside, to begin to push out. Leaks can be dangerous because, even the smallest leak, if not fixed in a timely manner, can result in floor damage or something more serious. If you see water coming from under, or around, your dishwasher, or suspect you may have a leak, let us come out and assess the situation for you.

Clogged Drain/Pump

Another big problem that can effect your dishwasher is a clogged drain or pump. Dishwashers function by cycling in new, clean water to wash your dishes with, while cycling out the dirty water that is collecting as your dishes get cleaned. If your drain is blogged or pump isn’t working, than the old water cannot be processed out. This present a major problem to your dishwasher system. We know that rummaging through the drain is probably not something you want to do, so let us come and do it for you. No matter the blockage, we can get you cleaned out in no time.

Unclean Dishes

The entire point of the, aptly named, dishwasher is to wash your dishes. If you notice, after a cycle, that your dishwasher hasn’t done a great job, or any job at all, of cleaning your dishes, there could be a problem. Sometimes this can result from your drain being clogged or your pump not working, but it could also being something else that is not quite as daunting. Often, when your dishwasher isn’t washing properly, it could just be that your spray nozzles need a good clean. We can definitely do this for you!