Stove/Oven Repair

stove oven close up

Stove and ovens are an absolute necessity in your home. These appliances help to heat and prepare your food and are daily drivers in most homes. When these appliances stop working, they can not only lead to starving people, they can also lead to having to spend more money, buying food out, instead of making it at home. If your stove or oven doesn’t seem to be working, either it’s not heating or you smell excess gas, let us come out and see what’s going on. We can fix any appliance issue you are having.

Won’t Turn On or Off

An appliance that won’t turn on or off is a pretty useless appliance. Naturally, the fist thought  with an appliance that won’t turn on, is that it’s damaged beyond repair. Conversely, if the oven or stove won’t turn off, there’s a chance for fire or gas leak. Either of these can be major problems, but they may not require new appliances. These problems could be a result of something small, like a blown fuse, or a large electrical issue. We can fix both!

Oven/Stove is Not Heating

Whether your stove or oven is electric or gas, when it isn’t heating up, it isn’t working as intended. With gas stoves and ovens, this could be related to a lack of gas traveling in to your appliance. We can assess if that is the issue and remedy it. With electric stoves or ovens, this problem could result from an electrical system issue. This could be a blown fuse or it could be the result of a disconnect between electrical and bake element. Because oven and stove can be very dangerous, we recommend letting us come out and fix these for you.

Smelling Gas?

If you start to smell an excess of gas or, for one reason or another, it seems like your gas is stuck on, you should let us know immediately. Gas is incredibly dangerous and can result in a host of issues. Gas is extremely flammable and, having it leak in to your home, can put you at risk of fire. Gas can also lead to asphyxiation which, in extreme cases, can lead to death. Because of this, gas safety is something to take seriously. Do not try and fix these problems on your own. Call us and let us make you safe.

Ovens/Stove is Burning Food

Another major problem with ovens and stoves is the issue of overheating. Overheating can be caused by several things. Sometimes this can be the result of an oven that is in need of a deep cleaning. Beyond that, your stove and oven could have a malfunctioning temperature sensor, which will lead to your oven and stove not being able to feel what temperature it is inside. This can result in both burnt food and oven fires, which can lead to more serious issues. Again, because of the dangerous nature of these appliances, please let us be the ones to come and fix this for you!