Washer/Dryer Repair

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Although washers and dryers haven’t yet hit every home in America, they are becoming more and more common, even in apartments. The added benefit of having a washer and dryer is that you don’t have to save up quarters or wait until you use every last pair of socks in your drawer to make a trip to the laundromat. The trade off, is that maintenance becomes your issue and, thanks to that, you need to keep an eye on any problems that may arise. If your washer or dryer seems to be acting up, give us a call and let us come and check it out!

Washer is Leaking

Water based appliances can, unfortunately, always have the risk of leaks. This is the nature of water; to find any escape path it can. If you are running a washing cycle and notice water coming out of your machine or, after a cycle is over, if you see water pooling on the floor around your machine, something is wrong. This is most likely a failing valve or hose but could always be something worse. Let us check the situation out.

Washer not Receiving Water

If a washer isn’t filling with water, it isn’t working. Because washers work by filling with water and combining with detergent, to clean your clothes, if water isn’t a part of the equation, your clothes aren’t getting clean. One thing that you can check on your own is that your water valves, both hot and cold are open, allowing water to flow in to your washer in the first place. If your valves are open and water is still not entering your washer, you have a major issue. Let us be the ones to assess and find out what that issue is.

Dryer Overheating

It may not seem like the first issue that comes to your mind when you think about your dryer, but overheating can be a serious issue. If you notice that your clothes feel extremely hot to the touch, or have burns marks on them, something is wrong. This is usually the result of a clogged dryer vent, trapping flammable lint. However, this isn’t always the case. Because an overheating dryer can cause fires, it is really not something to let go. When this starts to happen, call us and let us know.

Dryer Doesn’t Have Heat at All

Because your dyer works by transferring heat, from a heating element, to your clothes, if your dryer isn’t producing heat, than your clothes can not possibly get dry. Like the dryer overheating, this issue can be cause by an excess of lint build up not allowing heat to make its way to your clothes. You can try and clean the lint trap on your own and to make sure that your dryer knobs are turned to the correct heating cycle. If you do both of these things and problems persist through them, pick up the phone and schedule an appointment for us to come see what’s going on.